Rap Camp 2022!

Ages 5-14
July 11th-15th
In Person, Stratford, ON.

This program focuses on the technology & song writing aspect of music. So, if your child plays an instrument, they will learn how to record that instrument; if your child sings or raps, they'll learn how to capture their voice; or, if your child has no musical experience, they will learn how to quickly create music using loops. Everyone can connect:

  • Connect with a live instructor to learn

  • Connect with each other to collaborate

  • Connect with the world to share

This in-person, summer program consists of skills to create a song: song writing, production, engineering, vocals, and performance. Sessions build on each other by using the same customized and thematic song with various sections designed to facilitate each session's technical goal. By the end of the week, Rap Campers will have, at least, a song they can publish with an original rap verse they've written and an original beat they've produced.

Sessions are 3hrs/day. Rap Campers will have an online space to share their progress, recordings, and songs, and collaborate with each other through BandLab.

The instructor for this program is Karim Rushdy. This program runs during the second week of July (11th-15th). Parents/families are invited to the introductory session as well as the final showcase!

Ages 5-9 have sessions from 9am-Noon. Ages 10-14 have sessions from 1pm-4pm.

What skills will be developed?

Song Writing

lyrics, rap, poetry, story telling, structure, themes


making beats, arrangement, MIDI, vocal production


beat boxing, finding your tone, delivery, timing


recording, mixing, balancing sounds, publishing your music


stage presence, energy, confidence, memorization, appearance

What do you need to bring?

Pen & Paper

On the call, there will be time to brainstorm as a group, write individually, and share back to the group! Please bring a pen and paper.

BandLab on Device

Our program uses BandLab to organize sounds and make original beats. We will be using BandLab each week to explore aspects of music production & engineering. If possible, bring a device (smartphone or tablet) with the BandLab app installed.

When is it?

July 11th-15th 2022

9:00am - Noon

1:00pm - 4:00 pm

Technology has become the new norm for communication. It can also be a vehicle for expression. Children who enroll in our program will learn how to harness the power of technology that already surrounds them to create music.

  • 3hr-long sessions everyday for five consecutive days

  • Instruction on all aspects and skills needed to create a song

  • Song writing, production, engineering, vocals, and performance

  • Collaborate with other Rap Campers in their program through BandLab

  • At the end of the week, Rap Campers will have, at least, one song they can publish with their original verse & beat!

How much is this program?

$130.00 CAD

Once your form is complete, please expect a registration confirmation email.


For security reasons we do not allow the sharing of meeting links and codes. Please do not share the links that you'll receive once you register, it is only for your use.

This is a digital service, offered online with a live instructor. It is assumed that participants will have access to internet .


If a refund is needed before the start of a month during this program, we will provide the full refund. If, during the first week of each month, a refund is required, we will provide a 50% refund. For the following weeks of a month, no refund will be provided.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at julie@therapcamp.org


The Beat Making 101 will be using the BandLab app to create beats.

  • BandLab is the easy-to-use, all-in-one, social music creation platform that we will be using to create beats. Children can continue to explore this app outside of session time to continue to create more and more beats and music.

  • To download the app, click here. BandLab requires free registrations. Parents can create an account with their emails or create an account with their child’s email, if one exists.

For any questions or trouble installing this app, contact karim@therapcamp.org


This Program will be meeting online using the Zoom.us platform.

For any questions or trouble installing this app, contact karim@therapcamp.org

Any questions?