The Rap Camp X LAMA

10 Weeks

For those ages 13-20 interested in building skills around rapping, song creation, lyricism, production, engineering, and performance. No experience necessary.

The Rap Camp is a musical educational experience designed to create an environment of love, respect, and encouragement, empowering participants in their self-expression within a secure context of positive social reinforcement. The ultimate goal is to help participants realise their inherent nobility and build confidence through the powerful medium of rap.

Led by Karim Rushdy and Dorian Ashuza of The Rap Camp.Ā 

Participants will need an electronic device (laptop, tablet, or mobile all accepted).

Financial aid may be available. Please contactĀ 

Location: 190 Lester Street, Waterloo

Dates: Fall 2024

Time: Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. (2-hour duration per session)

Cost: Register a group for discounted prices (1 - $400/participant, 2 - $380/participant, 3 - $375/participant, 4 - $350/participant). Groups do not need to be from the same household.Ā 

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1. Weeks 1-2: Introduction and Ice Breakers

- Participants get to know each other and the instructors.

- Rap Camp Icebreaker activities to build a positive and comfortable atmosphere.

2. Weeks 3-4: Foundations of Rap

- Exploration of the history and elements of rap music.

- Introduction to rhythm, rhyme, and basic songwriting techniques.

3. Weeks 5-6: Creative Writing and Storytelling

- Structured writing sessions to develop storytelling skills.

- Encouraging participants to express personal narratives through lyrics.

4. Weeks 7-8: Music Production Basics

- Introduction to music production tools and software.

- Collaborative creation of simple beats and melodies.

5. Weeks 9-10: Performance Preparation

- Rehearsals and preparations for a final showcase.

- Emphasis on stage presence, delivery, and self-confidence.

What skills will be developed?

Song Writing

lyrics, rap, poetry, story telling, structure, themes


making beats, arrangement, MIDI, vocal production


beat boxing, finding your tone, delivery, timingĀ 


recording, mixing, balancing sounds, publishing your musicĀ 


stage presence, energy, confidence, memorization, appearanceĀ 

What do you need to bring?

Pen & Paper

On the call, there will be time to brainstorm as a group, write individually, and share back to the group! Please bring a pen and paper.

BandLab on Device

Our program uses BandLab to organize sounds and make original beats. We will be using BandLab each week to explore aspects of music production & engineering. If possible, bring a device (smartphone or tablet) with the BandLab app installed.


If a refund is needed before the start of a month during this program, we will provide the full refund.Ā  If, during the first week of each month, a refund is required, we will provide a 50% refund. For the following weeks of a month, no refund will be provided.Ā Ā 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at


The Beat Making 101 will be using the BandLab app to create beats.

For any questions or trouble installing this app, contact


This Program will take place at 190 Lester St. Waterloo, ON.

Any questions?